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  • Are you tired of not getting paid for your true value?
  • Do you feel you don't DESERVE to be paid more?
  • Are you frustrated that because you're speedy and efficient at what you do - you're paid less?
  • Are you not making the money in your business that you had hoped?
  • Are you sick and tired of tracking your time?
  • Do you want to make more money but not necessarily work any harder?
  • Have you tried putting packages together but felt stuck, confused or frustrated?

This four-week live course will help you move into a value-based business model and stop trading hours for dollars by creating service and support packages.

Are you a VA who...

  • Is a go-getter and action-taker?
  • Knows the importance of accountability?
  • Makes commitments not excuses?
  • Has an open mind and likes to be challenged and 'stretched'?
  • Is ready to differentiate yourself from others in your industry?
  • Isn't afraid to work hard?

If I described you, above, I would love it if you'd join us for this 4-week group. The series kicks off with our first training call on April 3rd. This is more than just training... you'll be shown how to (and be expected to!) take action each week to create support and/or service packages and come to each call prepared to share what you've accomplished as well as ask questions if something held you up.

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Read more about this unique opportunity to work on your pricing strategy, create unique packages that serves you and your clients, make more money and get away from the hourly mode. Or click on the key below to register now...


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